Cat lovers and cat associations around the world

A cat association is an organization that registers cats and kittens,Cat lovers and cat associations around the world Articles selects cat show judges and conducts many cat shows and cat competitions. A cat association also controls cat clubs. The winner of cat show is provided with trophies, awards or medals. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) sponsors about 650 cat clubs in the USA. There are many cat associations in USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan and other countries. The Cat Fancier’s Association is the largest cat association in the world. Visit the website of Cat Fancier’s association at sphynx cats for sale near me. The other famous cat associations include The International Cat Association (TICA), the American Cat Fancier’s Association (ACFA) and the Canadian Cat Association, In Europe, the largest cat association is Federation Internationale Feline De Europe. A single cat show may have eight to twenty different judges. After judging each cat within a particular breed, the judge gives out preliminary awards, such as best of colour or best of breed. There are hundreds of cat breeders in the USA. The first cat show was held in crystal palace in England in 1871 while the first cat show in USA was held in Medison Square in 1895. The Intellectuals around the world are keeping cats as pets. Dr. William Grier left US $ 415000 for his two pet cats when he died. The richest single cat in the world is white alley who inherited US $ 250000. In September 1996, a Businessman of Thailand spent 18000 Pounds for the marriage of his male diamond eyed pet cat named Phet with a female diamond eyed pet cat named Ploy because his male pet cat loved a female cat. The marriage was attended by 500 guests. The cats were given a dowry of US $ 23202. The newly wedded cats received US $ 60000 in cash and wedding presents. Cardinal Richelieu left lifetime pensions for his fourteen pet cats. Lord Chesterfield left life time pensions for his cats and their offsprings. An Egyptian sultan in 1280 A.D. left a garden for the support of needy cats, where a daily distribution of food continued to be made well into the 20th century. Other famous cat lovers throughout history were King Louis XIII of France, Queen Victoria of England, King Edward VII of England, Pope Gregory the great, Pope Leo XII of Vatican City, St. Patrick, Scientist Isaac Newton, Scientist Albert Einstein, Scientist Benjamin Franklin, Scientist Louis Pasteur, novelist Sir Walter Scott, Jimmy Carter, King Rama V of Thailand, King Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran, Henri VII chancellor, Misty Malarky, Ying Yang, Florence Nightingale, Mark Twain, Writer Victor Hugo, President Theodore Roosevelt of USA, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Abrahm Lincoln of USA, President John F. Kennedy of USA, British leader Sir Winston Churchill, President Calvin Coolidge of USA, George Washington, Noble Prize winner French missionary Albert Schweitzer, Noble Prize winner British poet T.S. Elliot, famous writer Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway was the owner of thirty cats. President Abraham Lincoln had domesticated four cats in the white house. Prophet Mohammad, the founder of Islam religion loved cats. Prophet Mohammad, the founder of Islam had domesticated a beloved cat named Muezza. Prophet Mohammad thought dogs unclean. One day, Muezza, the cat of Prophet Mohammad fell asleep on the sleeve of his robe. The Prophet Mohammad called to prayer, cut his sleeve of his robe rather than awaken the cat. After Prophet Mohammed returned, the cat awoke and the cat bowed gracefully to thank him for his consideration. Prophet Mohammed then stoked the cat three times and cats were given permanent place in Islam. Confucius, the founder of Cofucian religion himself was reported to have owned a cat of which he was very fond. When King Prajadhipok of Thailand was crowned in 1925, a cat took part in the coronation procession as representative of the former King, Rama VI of Thailand. A cat still lives in the no.10 Downing Street in London and a cat named Socks still lives in the white house in Washington.

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